You are currently viewing Look walkers: A Path Breaking Solution to Trigger A Buzz for Your Business

Look walkers: A Path Breaking Solution to Trigger A Buzz for Your Business

No other forms of advertisement create an impact on the audience better than Lookwalker. Look walkers works like a mobile advertisement and resembles a moving billboard. We offer look walkers in various metro cities including Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. In all these places, the look walkers are made to walk with lit or non-lit board on their back in your target neighbourhoods. The creatives are printed on both sides of the boards to create a lasting impression on the minds of your audience.

The Different Look Walker Advertising Types

Lookwalker in Chennai offered by us are available both in digital and non-digital types. While the non-digital types of look walkers are equipped with vinyl sticker branding, the digital Lookwalker that are the results of modern innovations are designed to play interesting and engaging video ads to grab the attention of the passer-by. You can either rent our Lookwalker for everyday use or you can even buy them for repetitive use.

The Materials We Use for Look Walker Advertising.

We design a look walker with the help of backlit ACP boards. These are the same boards where the advertisement is printed using a premium quality vinyl sticker. The digital Lookwalker on the other hand offered by us have screens resembling balloons and play videos on a pre-determined format.

What Is the Cost of Look Walker in Metro Cities?

Certain factors act as primary contributors in deciding the price of Lookwalker Board in Hyderabad or any other place for that matter. The factors include the involved quantity, the kind of advertisement, and the required promoters.

For How Long Can You Avail Lookwalker Advertisement?

Lookwalker’s advertisement is based on specific activities or events. The type of event or activity will decide if Lookwalker will be done weekly, daily, or both on a rental basis. If you happen to buy look walkers from us, you can use them to promote your business time and again.

How Is Our Look Walker Different from Other Types of Advertisement?

Lookwalker are carried by promoters which turns them into walking and communicating forms of advertisement. Besides being visually attractive, they also influence the audience to pay a visit to their store. All the product/service details of the business are printed on the Lookwalker boards, helping your business reach pierce through the dense traffic.

Lookwalker in Mumbai has better durability and elegance. Plus, you can get them from us at reasonable rates too. Unlike other advertising forms which to reach the mass, audiences cast a wide net, our Lookwalker concentrate on your in-store product demonstration, which your audiences might be curious to learn further about.

Here’s How We Are Revolutionising the Entire Ballgame of Advertisement

Lookwalker has always been looked up as one of the highly effective means of media marketing solutions since the time of our inception in the market as providers of Look walker Manufacturers in Delhi at CAC ADS. We have always focused on bringing you the most reasonably-priced Lookwalker that help you in spreading your business message everywhere. Our range of look walkers is an incredibly amazing form of advertisement to take your business further. By increasing your brand visibility and attracting customer attention, our Lookwalker can easily be relied upon to expand your business and make your target audience aware of all the products and services that you are specialising in. Say goodbye to ineffective and boring advertisement forms and adopt our Lookwalker today.

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