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Can you name one thing without which expanding your business would be next to impossible?


Can you name one thing without which expanding your business would be next to impossible? Yes, it is marketing. In today’s competitive world, marketing is the only tool that keeps every business afloat and running. Be it market penetration or grabbing customer attention, nothings work more efficiently than a strategically placed marketing move.

Here comes the role of our unique advertising strategy-iWalker. We offer an extensive range of look walker marketing campaigns that often involve human advertising as well. At CAC, we believe that doing a little more than what others do gives every business an extra edge to realise future endeavours. Here are some of our services that can make your business a household name in no time.

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Our Services

  • We help promote businesses through our human banner campaigns and look walker branding moves
  • For store launches, business seminars, and exhibitions, our services remain available
  • Our friendly and professional staff make these iWalker campaigns successful and worthy for you

We keep the charges competitive and reasonable to fit any budget

Why Lookwalkers

While banners on the walls and hoardings are traditional ways of displaying your business, lookwalker is an unorthodox marketing move. When humans go about wearing glowing billboards on their back, everyone cares to cast a glance.

No matter which product or service you are displaying, it is the uniqueness of the mode of display that attracts the attention. Therefore, more people get accustomed with your brand name, business and products through these lookwalker campaigns than any other traditional hoarding campaigns. 

With us, you will get only the best quality, eco-friendly battery-backed glowing boards to cast an indelible impression on your customer’s mind. Besides seamless illumination, we also offer a 360-degree viewing technique to keep every customer glued to the advertisements. We remain committed to quality and customer satisfaction that makes us one of the most reliable names in the world of lookwalker advertising.

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