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CAC ADS established in 2010. We are known for our top-notch customer service. We love forging lasting, fruitful relationships with our clients by using our tried-and-true business processes and excellent communication.

About us

We operate in different verticals of the advertising industry through various means of innovations, including- iWalker, Lookwalker Manufacturer & Service Provider, Video Walker, LED Digital Touchscreen Standy, Outdoor Advertising, BTL Activities, Event Services, Brand Promotions & Launches. The scope and depth of our presence provides advertisers with the ability to engage with both mass and targeted audiences at many touchpoints throughout the day.

• Pioneers of iWalker Lookwalker
CAC ADS are the pioneers of iWalker Lookwalker in India and have Trademark of iWalker   Lookwalker. India’s Largest & Strongest Network of iWalker Lookwalker in India.

• Secret Success
The secret of success is to do something, which nobody else does. The art in making your brand noticed is to get it in a way that none does, with a degree of uniqueness and innovation. At CAC ADS we provide you with the best advertising and marketing solutions to make your brand reach the customers.

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• Our Mission
To provide value to our clients by supplying outdoor advertising solutions that drive sales for our clients and build their brands while maintaining profitability, rewarding effort and contributing to the well being of the society.

• PAN India Campaigners
With more than 500 happy clients we are considered the ultimate manufacturer of innovation. Our client’s trust and satisfaction with our creative services all across PAN India make us stand out amongst the rest.

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