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Iwalker Is Redesigning the Dynamics of Offline Advertising in India

Lookwalker Board

Owing to the increased demands for brand awareness in this digital age, more and more companies are looking for innovative advertising mediums in India. This is where iWalker steps in. We operate all over the country, essentially providing look walker advertising services. Our numerous warehouses and dynamic team support allow us to execute seamless look walker promotional activities time and time again.

It is essential to mention that our business is active across all major Indian cities- namely Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and more. We provide a lookwalker board for various brand marketing, such as activations, sales promotions, store launches, product launches, movie promotions, buzz marketing, road shows, and much more.

We also have our in-house app to track lead generation, real-time locations, performance mapping, and KPIs of all the resources deployed. There’s no denying the fact that our in-house team will help you in developing marketing plans.

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Why Use Lookwalkers?

For simple understanding, look walkers is a mobile advertisement format, where an individual wears a Look walker board (backlit or non-back-lit) and then walks around in the market. It’s essential to mention that this advertising method has been highly successful and cost-effective. Furthermore, the affordability of this advertising method makes it a popular choice for start-ups and MNCs alike.

It’s essential to mention that our hoardings go up to a rough ten-foot height for superior visibility from all angles. Furthermore, the backlit units contribute enormously to night campaigning.

Why Choose Us?

  • IWalker is a market leader in introducing innovative advertising for all individual clients with their varied and unique demands.
  • The bright boards used by our look walkers are easily cartable and lightweight, essentially convenient LED illuminated. Hence they don’t contribute negatively to climate heating and are entirely eco-friendly and pollution-free.
  • We are blessed to have an in-house team of highly skilled Look walkers who walk in malls, marketplaces, and high streets wearing backlit billboards to provide high-density exposure to your ads.
  • We provide look walkers up to a rough ten feet high to make them visible while facilitating a 360-degree viewing as well.

Our Objectives

  • We at IWalker provide you with the necessary support to promote your business.
  • We are an extremely innovative and professional marketing company.
  • Our advertising methods employ a person carrying a Lookwalker billboard on their back in the market.
  • Our fundamental objective is to provide you with the best quality service to achieve your targets and satisfaction level.
  • Lastly, our friendly staff will offer adequate support to help you develop proper plans to executing them for illustrative purposes.

We aim for perfection so that our clients can have the best brand value in the market.

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